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General Terms & Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions apply to all GoLatin Travel (“GoLatin”) programs:

1.        Travel Insurance.  GoLatin strongly recommends Client purchase and/or upgrade to supplemental travel insurance to provide coverage for loss of deposit, cancellation fees, medical expenses, lost baggage, and other potential travel-related losses under certain circumstances. Such insurance must be purchased at the time of initial reservation and paid for within 14 days of initial deposit. The scope of coverage is subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.  GoLatin accepts no responsibility for extra costs incurred by Client which may occur as result of failing to secure adequate insurance coverage. Generally, your regular health insurance policy does not cover travel and medical expenses outside of your home country.

All claims filed for travel losses will be the sole responsibility of the traveler named on the policy.  Golatin does not have any influence or control over what claims are approved or denied by the travel insurance carrier.


2.        Additional Payment and Cancelation Policies.

A.       Final Air Ticket Price & Terms.  GoLatin shall indicate the portions of Client’s package that are air and land package.  The land package price is guaranteed at the time initial deposit is paid.  However, the final air ticket price may increase until final payment and issuance of tickets.  Client acknowledges and accepts that any unforeseen increase in air tickets (either in the fare, taxes or fuel surcharges) is the responsibility of Client until final payment is made.  Once final payment is made, both the air and land package price are fully guaranteed. Airline seats are limited and sell out quickly. If GoLatin is unable to issue your air reservation in its originally scheduled class of service, GoLatin may offer an alternative of either connecting flights, substitute gateways or a more expensive booking category. Any additional air charges are the responsibility of the Client. You will be advised of these conditions, if any, at the time of air ticket re-booking and issuance.  All airlines reserve the right to assess additional air-related taxes and fees, and as such GoLatin must pass these on to the traveler. Any additional fees charged by the airlines such as for seat selection, baggage checking and/or handling, and/or any other ancillary services are the sole responsibility of the Client. Additional air-related restrictions may apply.  GoLatin reserve the right to use and/or substitute any airlines/tickets. If you are purchasing a non-refundable air ticket, please make sure that your agent explains the restrictions associated with non-refundable airfares. GoLatin cannot be held responsible for any change and/or cancellation penalties associated with these non-refundable airfares.  Client accepts that when multiple airlines are involved in one trip, delays in the first airline may cause no-show penalties and additional costs with the second connecting airline.  GoLatin will make best efforts to schedule adequate connection times but is not liable for misconnections.

B.        Earlier/Additional Payments for Air & Cruise Tickets.  Air and cruise tickets will be issued based on third party supplier deadlines.  Should the third party supplier(s) require earlier and/or greater payments than provided for in the above Payment Schedule, GoLatin will immediately send a revised payment schedule to Client who shall make timely payment.  GoLatin shall not be responsible if Client fails to pay in time and as a result, any third party supplier reservations are canceled due to non-payment.

C.        Group Size Reduction Price Adjustments.  When traveling as part of a group, an adjustment to price or cancelation of the group may apply if group size is reduced.

D.       NSF Bank Charges.  In the case of non-sufficient funds on checks, a service fee of $50 in addition to a $25 bank fee will be collected for each returned check.

E.        Direct Deposit/Wires.  Funds may be wired or deposited directly to one of GoLatin’s bank accounts (list furnished upon request).  Once payment has been made, please inform GoLatin of the date and amount of deposit for faster account posting.

F.        Currency Fluctuations.  All prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars, and have been calculated based on current tariffs and rates of exchange as of the day of this quote. As exchange rates do fluctuate, it may be necessary to re-price this proposal at time of final invoice and final payment, and GoLatin reserves the right to adjust prices for that reason. Prices will not be changed after full payment has been received at the final invoice price.

G.       Fuel Surcharge. Due to recent wide fluctuations in the cost of oil, GoLatin’s suppliers reserve the right to impose a fuel surcharge levy in the event the cost of oil supersedes their viable operational costs of GoLatin’s contract rates.  Any increases will be passed on to the Client accordingly.

H.       Cancelation Notice Requirement.  Client must notify GoLatin of cancelation in writing via email (with return receipt), fax (with return receipt), U.S. certified or registered mail or courier with tracking.  GoLatin shall acknowledge such notification immediately and adhere to the Cancelation Penalty schedule.

I.         Unused Tour Items.  Should Client miss or choose to skip certain portions of the trip such as meals, hotels, transportation, cruise, air flights or tours, NO refund or exchange will be made for those unused portions for any reason.

J.         Refund Requests.  If Client cancels his/her trip and chooses a refund, Client agrees to the Cancelation Penalties above. Flight package costs are non-transferable.  All refund requests will be subject to approval.  The deposit may be refunded in the event of death of the Client prior to departure, but must be evidenced by a death certificate.  Refunds of deposits only apply to the deceased individual, and not towards family members or friends who have registered to travel together; however, they may postpone and apply their deposits towards a future GoLatin program (other Cancelation Penalties still apply).

K.        Minimum Participant Requirements.  Our programs require a certain minimum number of participants per departure.  If this minimum is not met, GoLatin reserves the right to cancel the departure and will offer the next nearest departure dates to the Client.

L.        GoLatin Right to Cancel.  GoLatin reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject an individual at any time prior to departure, or to cancel the trip in which a Client is scheduled to participate.  In the unlikely event of such a cancellation by GoLatin, or if a Client has been rejected, the total amount paid to GoLatin (less airfare) will be refunded, unless the cancellation is due to non-payment of the trip fee and/or flight arrangements by the deadlines in the Payment Schedule, or is due to governmental action beyond GoLatin’s control, in which case the amount refunded will be reduced to the extent GoLatin has incurred expenses in organizing the trip. Other than such a refund, GoLatin will not be responsible to a Cllient for any other refund, costs, interest, liability or damages of any kind.

M.      Service Fees for Changes.  A fee of $50 per person per program may be charged for any revision or alteration made to a reservation after the booking is confirmed.  Any alterations risk the loss of air space or increased airfares.  Name changes or corrections will be treated as a cancellation of air and all normal air cancellation fees will apply.  A change of program date or itinerary within 60 days of departure will be treated as a cancellation and new booking; regular Cancellation Penalties apply.  Bookings made within 30 days of departure may incur special handling fees.

3.        Documentation.

A.       Documents from Client.  Registration form and passport copy must be submitted at time of initial deposit.

B.        TSA Requirements. The TSA/Homeland Security Administration requires GoLatin to collect Client’s personal information prior to air ticket issuance and travel. Please note if you must provide full name as it appears on the government-issued I.D. used when traveling, date of birth, gender and redress number (if applicable). Any increases to airfares due to delay in providing these details will be the sole responsibility of the Client.

C.        Final Trip Documents.  GoLatin shall make best efforts to dispatch Final Trip Documents to Client 10 days prior to departure unless Client registered for the trip within 60 days of departure in which case GoLatin shall dispatch documents approximately 5 days prior to departure.

4.        Travel Policies.

D.       Good Health.  Client understands and agrees that Client must be in good health when undertaking a GoLatin tour.  GoLatin advises all Clients to seek the advice of their medical doctor should you have any doubt whether you are fit for travel.  Safety is of utmost importance to GoLatin.  Certain activities may be included in your trip that have a certain degree of risk with the possibility of injury or even death.  It is Client’s responsibility to determine whether to participate in any such activities.  Client may opt out of any planned activity or excursion due to safety concerns but will not be entitled to any refund or compensation.  GoLatin is not responsible for any occurrences of injury or death to Client who commits unsafe and/or risky acts detrimental to the safety of other travelers.

E.        High Altitudes.  Client understands that certain destinations for GoLatin trips are at high altitude, particularly Peru and Bolivia.  Please consult your physician for proper clearance and preventative care before you register for the trip.

F.        Itinerary Changes.  GoLatin reserves the right to make changes to the itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances.  GoLatin cannot be held responsible for any itinerary adjustments due to airline changes, forces of nature, political unrest, acts of God or local government mandates.  Should changes be required, GoLatin will make best efforts to provide, wherever possible, similar travel arrangements, to accommodate Client requests and to adhere to the original itinerary.  In such events, airfare, cruise fare, train fare are not refundable and GoLatin is not liable in any way to procure any refund from these suppliers.  Where travel arrangements of only a higher standard are available, there may be an extra charge to you. In the case of a supplier failing to provide travel arrangements as reserved, GoLatin will make best efforts to provide alternative arrangements on the above basis, but shall not otherwise be liable to compensate Client where such failure is beyond GoLatin’s control.  GoLatin reserves the right to substitute hotels, alter the itinerary, change any portion of the tour and make any other alteration for optimization of tour operations. GoLatin reserves the right to cancel the tour prior to departure for any reason. Liability for such cancellation is limited to full refund of money received by GoLatin and this will constitute full settlement with the Client.

G.       Personal Incidentals.  Personal incidentals are not included in the package price.  Such incidentals include but are not limited to souvenir shopping, laundry, meals and drinks not specified, telephone, fax and internet charges, visa and passport fees not included in this agreement, vaccinations, and additional gratuities not specified.

H.       Accommodations.  HOTELS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE UNTIL DEPOSIT IS PAID AND CONFIRMATIONS ARE ISSUED.  Shared double accommodation is based on two single beds or one double bed as provided by the hotel or other lodging. Hotels that provide triple accommodation generally do so with a twin or double room plus a rollaway bed at an additional charge. Single room accommodation must be booked by people wishing to travel alone. Special requests such as non-smoking floors or king-size beds can be submitted, but are not guaranteed.  Travelers may be required to place a cash or credit card deposit in order to open a “voucher” for incidentals such as personal meals, drinks, and purchases charged to their rooms.  GoLatin will make best efforts to request particular bedding on behalf of Client but is in no way responsible if hotel or lodging cannot meet such request at check-in.

I.         Special Dietary Requests.  If Client has dietary restrictions, these must also be notified at least two weeks prior to departure.  GoLatin will make best efforts to accommodate such dietary restrictions but it may be difficult or impossible to do so in many destinations, especially developing countries with nascent tourism infrastructure. GoLatin shall not be responsible if restaurants are unable to accommodate such requests.

J.         Travelers Requiring Special Assistance.  Client must report any disability requiring special attention at the time a reservation is requested. GoLatin will make reasonable attempts to accommodate the special needs of such Client, but does not guarantee this, and is not responsible for any denial of services by airlines/charter companies, hotels, transport companies, cruise lines, restaurants and other third party suppliers. GoLatin regrets that it cannot provide individual assistance to a Client for walking, dining, getting on and off motor coaches, ships and other transportation vehicles, or assist with other personal needs. Clients who need such assistance must be accompanied by a qualified companion who is also a client in the trip.

K.        Young Program Participants.  GoLatin welcomes children to participate in our programs, with age requirements as follows:  seven years or older on all tours except Cuba; eighteen (18) years or older for Cuba programs.  Program participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. If a child will be traveling with adults other than parents, or with only one parent, it is the responsibility of the parent(s) to contact the appropriate consulates and the applicable airlines to ensure children have the required documentation for traveling outside the U.S.  Additional affidavits may be required by some airlines when only one parent is traveling with the child.

L.        Conduct of Behavior.  GoLatin reserves the right to accept or reject any person as a participant and to expel that person from the remainder of the trip if that participant exhibits behavior and/or commits acts deemed detrimental and/or incompatible with the group including but not limited to committing of crimes, theft, aggression, belligerence, fighting, or spite.  Client agrees to assume all costs of cancelation and immediate return travel costs.

M.      Baggage Restrictions.  Baggage is carried at the Client’s risk throughout the tour. GoLatin standard baggage allowance for its programs:

a.        1 piece of checked baggage maximum size 30”x18”x10” (76x46x25cm) and weight 44lbs (20kgs), and

b.        1 carry-on item maximum size 14”x9”x22” (23x35x56cm)

These limits allow us to meet various airline limits as well as fit all baggage in our vehicles.  Excess baggage charges and insurance are at the Client’s responsibility.  Please note that certain programs such as those using domestic airlines in Costa Rica and Guatemala will have even more restrictive baggage allowances.  Your agent will inform you of those restrictions.

N.       Local Holidays.  During local or national holidays while traveling, certain facilities such as museums, restaurants, sightseeing tours and shopping may be unexpectedly limited or not available. Please note most Christmas Markets close prior to or on Christmas Eve.  GoLatin shall make best efforts to offer alternatives when possible.

O.       Early Departure.  If Client leaves the tour early at your own will, including due to illness or in response to official action by the government of any country visited (such as in the case of strike or local disaster), you will be responsible for the costs of your transportation to return home.  GoLatin will make best efforts to assist Client with such changes but these may incur penalties, fees and new transportation costs that are the responsibility of the Client.

P.        Photographs & Maps.  Photographs in our marketing materials or on our may depict sites and destinations not in your program. Maps shown are for general information and may not accurately reflect actual routings or be to scale.

Q.       Loyalty Program Miles/Points Accrual.  Please note that your travel arrangements may or may not accrue miles or points for travel loyalty programs.  Cuban air charters and hotel chains do not qualify for mileage accrual.  Please consult GoLatin for detailed fare information to check for program earnings.  GoLatin is not liable in a way should third party loyalty programs fail to allow Client to earn miles or points for any part of your trip.

R.       No Shopping tour.  GoLatin does not promote “shopping tours”, where tour costs are subsidized through client shopping kickbacks. If time permits during the tour, we may bring clients to shopping areas to purchase souvenirs and keepsakes. Any purchases made by GoLatin Travel clients are the personal decision(s) of clients and will not involve GoLatin employees or contractors. All transactions are your own, and we urge caution and discretion for any purchases you make in any tour destinations.


GoLatin purchases transportation, hotel accommodation, restaurant services and other services from various independent suppliers that are not subject to its control. GOLATIN CANNOT, THEREFORE, BE LIABLE FOR ANY PERSONAL INJURY OR PROPERTY DAMAGE, OR ANY OTHER SPECIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL or incidental DAMAGES that may occur due to (a) intentional, wrongful, negligent or arbitrary acts or omissions on the part of a supplier, its employees and others not under the direct control of our company, or (b) defects or failures of any aircraft, vessel, automotive vehicle or other equipment or instrumentality under the control of independent suppliers. In addition, GoLatin cannot be liable for delays in departure or interruption of Client’s vacation arrangements caused by weather conditions, technical problems of any aircraft, vessel, automotive vehicle or other equipment or instrumentality, strikes, war, terrorist activity, civil commotion or any causes beyond the control of GoLatin. In no event will GoLatin be responsible for incidental, consequential or special damage or loss suffered by any person. GoLatin’s maximum liability, for any reason whatsoever, will be limited to the amount paid to GoLatin for its services. In issuing tickets and coupons for transportation of the Client by any means, and making arrangements for hotel or other accommodation, GoLatin is not acting as principal but only as agent for the companies, corporations, or persons providing or offering the means of transportation and accommodation. To the extent GoLatin shall not be acting as an agent, as stated above, it shall be deemed to be acting as an agent of the Client in arranging or booking transportation and accommodation. Airlines and other transportation providers (e.g., motor coach operators) are not liable for any detention, delays, loss, damage, sickness or injury, however, or by whoever caused, during the time passengers are not on board their planes or conveyances. The contract of carriage used by such transportation providers when issued shall constitute the sole contract between the transportation providers and the purchaser of these vacation arrangements.  GoLatin accepts no responsibility for value, reliability, quality or authenticity of any goods purchased while on tour or for any mailing, freight or shipping arrangements. GoLatin is not responsible for typographical or printing errors, or errors and omissions in its marketing materials and website.

6.        Basic Terms & Conditions.

A.        Parent Company.  GoLatin is a division of APF Travel, Inc., a California corporation.

B.        Sellor of Travel.  APF Travel is a registered California Sellor of Travel CST # 2000970-50. Registration as a seller of travel does not constitute approval by the State of California.

C.        Terminology.  Any reference to “Client” shall be deemed to cover any subclient, group member, or employee, representative or agent of the Client that will participate in the trip as specified in this agreement.  GoLatin and Client shall each be a “Party” to this agreement, and collectively referred to as the “Parties.”

D.       Changes in Writing.  Any changes to this agreement shall be made in writing and mutually agreed upon by GoLatin and Client.

E.        Counterparts.  The agreement shall be considered executed if signed in counterparts.

F.        Severability.  If any part of this agreement is deemed unlawful, all remaining terms shall remain in full force and effect.

G.       Jurisdiction.  This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of California.

7.        Acceptance of All Terms & Conditions.  Payment of the initial deposit represents Client’s acceptance of the Payment & Cancelation Policy, the Passport, Visa & Travel Documentation Requirements Policy, and all General Terms & Conditions.

Payment & Cancelation Policy

1.       Payment Schedule

Deposit: $500 at time of booking. Nonrefundable.  
Final payment: 90 days before departure  

A.       Credit Card Processing Fee.  Flight ticket does not charge processing fee. CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS FOR TOUR WILL INCUR A 4% PROCESSING FEE.

Third party credit cards are NOT accepted unless the cardholder is one of the travelers in the same group for the same exact trip.

B.       Required Registration Documents.  Deposit must be submitted with signed registration form and a copy of your passport to secure your booking.

C.       Auto-cancelation/Adjustment for Non-payment.  If payment is not made by the above deadlines, Client’s reservation may be canceled and/or adjusted for any price fluctuations.

D.      Cash Discount.  Prices include a cash discount if paid by cash, wire, check, direct deposit or money order.

E.       Acceptance of All Terms & Conditions.  Payment of the initial deposit represents Client’s acceptance of this Payment & Cancelation Policy, the Passport, Visa & Other Travel Documentation Requirements Policy, and all General Terms & Conditions.

2.       Cancelation Penalties (Based on number of days prior to departure):

·         91+ days:                   $500 penalty

·         90-61 days:               25% of total price or $500 (whichever is higher) penalty

·         60-46 days:               50% penalty

·         45-31 days:               75% penalty

·         30 days or less:        100% penalty

It is very important that the Client understands the cancellation policy. If it is not clear, the Client should ask GoLatin for clarification. GoLatin cannot make exceptions to this cancellation policy for any reason, including medical emergencies.


3.       Direct Deposit Information

You may deposit cash or checks directly to one of our bank accounts at a local branch.  Also, ACH transfers and online bill pay are accepted.  After doing so, please send us a copy of the deposit receipt for faster posting of your payment.  PLEASE NOTE: WIRE TRANSFERS WILL BE ASSESSED A $50 WIRE PROCESSING FEE.  Please consult with GoLatin if you must pay via wire transfer.



Bank Name: US Bank of America US Chase EAST WEST BANK
Bank Address:

300 N. Atlantic Blvd

Monterey Park, CA 91754

459 S Atlantic Blvd

Monterey Park, CA 91754

228 West Garvey Ave.

Monterey Park, CA 91754

Bank Telephone: (626) 312-2040 (626) 576-7081 (626)-280-1688
Bank Fax Number: (626) 312-2048 (626) 236-4203  
Bank ABA Number: 121000358 322271627 322070381
Account Name: APF Travel, Inc. APF Travel APF Travel, Inc.
Account Number: 24266-02561 866-798-192 8083000656

See General Terms and Conditions for additional information.

Passport, Visa & Travel Documentation Requirements

1.       Passports.  It is Client’s responsibility to ensure a minimum of 6 months validity of passport beyond the final return date of the tour.  Please renew passports (if necessary) BEFORE obtaining visas.

2.       Visas.  GoLatin may provide Client with general information for visa requirements.  However, visa requirements frequently change and ultimately, it is the Client’s responsibility to meet all passport, visa and other travel document requirements for entry to all countries on the trip.  GoLatin shall not bear any liability for any delays or denied entries encountered due to incomplete or incorrect documentation, if travelers lose travel documents, or if local policy changes occur without prior notice.  For those Clients holding U.S. Green Cards or visas, it is Client’s responsibility for understanding and adhering to all U.S. regulations regarding re-entry requirements such as carrying original copy of Form I-20 for student visa holders. Entry visas should be attached to passport in order to be recognized by each country as valid.  For loose leaf visas such as for Cuba, it is advisable to staple the visa to the passport so it does not get lost; please staple the Exit half so that the Entry half may be easily removed first.  Should GoLatin assist with processing any visas on behalf of Client, all visa fees (whether the visa is approved or denied, or if the client cancels the trip, or if GoLatin reschedules the trip) are nonrefundable.

3.       Other Travel Documentation.  It is the Client’s responsibility to obtain and carry any other travel documentation necessary for your international trip including but not limited to proof of vaccinations, international driver’s license, sufficient blank passport pages, printouts of visas or entry fees, laissez-passer passports, portable oxygen permissions, parental consents for unaccompanied minors or when traveling with only one parent, and adequate time remaining on existing visas (e.g., when using a valid U.S. visa to enter Costa Rica without a Costa Rican visa, a minimum of 6 months validity of the U.S. visa is required from the date of exit from Costa Rica).  GoLatin shall not bear any liability for any delays or denied entries due to lack of any travel documentation.

4.       Acceptance of All Terms & Conditions.  Payment of the initial deposit represents Client’s acceptance of the Payment & Cancelation Policy, the Passport, Visa & Other Travel Documentation Requirements, and all General Terms & Conditions.

Cuba Requirements & Notices (for Cuba Trips)

1.       Licensed Travel to Cuba for Americans.  Due to the U.S. Embargo against Cuba and recent changes in policy, Americans may travel to Cuba under general licenses within 12 categories of authorized travel.   This includes all U.S. citizens, green card holders, and those in the U.S. with U.S. visas.  For most Americans, the only applicable category is that of People to People educational exchange.  Travelers may NOT go to Cuba for the purpose of tourism.  Contact GoLatin should you wish to travel under one of the other categories such as visiting Cuban relatives, business meetings, professional research, educational groups, or religious programs. 

2.       Full Program of Structured Activities for Americans.  For American clients, Client agrees to follow a reasonable full-time program of structured activities in order to qualify the trip under U.S. law.  Client understands that free time and touristic activities are not allowed for Americans, and that Client may not deviate from the general license category used for the trip such as People to People educational exchange.

3.       Documentation for LEGAL Travel to Cuba for Americans.  GoLatin shall provide Client with all necessary documentation for LEGAL travel to Cuba for Americans.  In addition, GoLatin shall keep all records of such legal travel as required under current U.S. law.

4.       Cuban-born Clients for Cuba Packages.  Client acknowledges that the Cuban Government imposes different requirements for Cuban-born persons traveling to Cuba than others, and that such a person obtaining a Cuban visa or passport, if needed, can take a minimum of 8 to 12 weeks.  GoLatin suggests that all Cuban-born persons wishing to participate in a trip to Cuba contact GoLatin directly for more information.  Due to recent frequent changes in Cuban policy, GoLatin is not responsible for any information it provides to participants in this regard, or for any delay or denial in the issuance of a Cuban visa or passport, if required.

5.       Additional Important Information.

a.       Purchases in Cuba.  Under U.S. law, Americans (and all travelers transiting from Cuba through the U.S.) are allowed to purchase and bring back up to $400 in goods in Cuba for personal use.  Out of that $400, $100 may comprise of alcohol and tobacco.  Please note that art is exempt from that limit; however, the airport assesses a 3-5 CUC tax per painting or similar artwork.

b.       Currency.  Changing U.S. dollars into Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUCs) is assessed a 13% fee by the Cuban government.  A more economical exchange is to first change USD into Canadian dollars or Euros with your bank at home (usually incurring a 3-4% fee), and then exchanging that into CUCs in Cuba (incurring an additional 3%) for a total of 6-7% fee.  However, changing small amounts may be troublesome to do so.

c.        Credit Cards / ATM Cards.  There is currently only 1 ATM machine in Havana that successfully accepts U.S. ATM cards and it is often out of cash.  U.S. credit cards have been authorized for use in Cuba, but most local Cuban banks have not yet changed their systems to process them, so still cannot be used.   Please bring enough cash to cover your personal expenses, shopping and some extra for emergencies.  GoLatin shall not be responsible should Client fail to bring enough cash.

d.       Mobile Phones.  Currently only Verizon and Sprint are the only U.S. mobile carriers that are to roam in Cuba.  However, SIM cards from carriers in other countries such as Canada, Mexico, and China do work in Cuba.  Mobile reception is very poor so plan on being disconnected during your trip.  A local Cuban SIM card can be purchased and used in unlocked phones, but there are usually long queues to purchase these, and refill cards need to be purchased quickly as calls eat up value fast. Plan to be disconnected.

e.       Internet.  Only a limited number of Internet hotspots are available around Cuba and require the purchase of Internet stored value cards sold on a per hour basis.  Most hotspots are overloaded so plan that half your time will be wasted trying to connect to a hotspot, and once connected speeds are slower than dial-up connections.  It is best to plan before your trip that you will have no reliable internet connection.

f.        Vaccinations.  No special vaccinations are required for travel to Cuba.  GoLatin recommends you consult your doctor for normal travel precautions.

6.       Acceptance of All Terms & Conditions.  Payment of the initial deposit represents Client’s acceptance of the Payment & Cancelation Policy, the Passport, Visa & Other Travel Documentation Requirements, all General Terms & Conditions, and this Cuba Requirements & Notices.

Contact information:
APF Travel, Inc.
1721 W Garvey Ave, 2nd Floor
Alhambra, CA 91803  USA

(800) 888-9168 tel
(626) 282-9889 fax

CST #2000970-50

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